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Welcome to (BCS) BoomCitySoldiers!
Welcome to BoomCitySoldiers. We are a Call of Duty: Ghosts clan on PS4. We love to play HardCore Domination and joke around. Everyone has a mic and enjoys playing together as a group.
We welcome anyone and everyone on PS4 to join us if you play HardCore game modes.

About us
I, (l0thMountain), am the Creator, Leader, Founder and Commander of the clan.
DingDing305 is the Co-founder, Lt. Commander and Recruiter.
We all have families, jobs, children and so on, we understand you can't be on 24/7 and don't really care how often you play or what Rank/Prestige you are. We care about playing with people who want to win with team work and understand how to play the game. If all you do is cry and complain I advise you to go look somewhere else lol.
Call of Duty: Ghosts is a video game and nothing to take too serious.
We mostly play anytime between 4pm Eastern and 1am Eastern.

Our goal is to win, level up the clan, and complete Operations for Patches, Uniform and HeadGear unlocks.
We would like to be a clan consisting of over 50 members.

also to give you a brief rundown on the clan and our members. If you want to join a fun clan search for us on the COD Ghosts App on the iPhone, iPad, Tablet or Android phone and apply or message me or DingDing305 on PSN.

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